Business communication – managing successful team meetings (available free of charge)

* Courses available for members of the public

Who is it for?

Anyone with the interest in developing communication skills to include managing and coordinating successful team meetings will benefit from this short course.

What will you learn?

How to prepare for and conduct business meetings

How to use technology to aid in group communications using the basic principles of organizational communication

How to overcome various challenges to group success.

Available online: now

Course fees: Free. To complete a course you will score 80% and above in each course assessment.

Digital or downloadable (PDF) copy of the certificate (optional) available on request; depending upon the type of certificate fees vary from EUR4,00 to 27,00.

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Notify the Activity Leader and “home” NREN to obtain the authorisation to undertake training and arrange to recover of course fees (if applicable) from NA1T6.

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