Why do we do it

GÉANT Association is complex organisation that requires state-of-the-art knowledge and skill. To enable our staff perform at its best, GÉANT provides professional development and learning opportunities and support to all its staff members.

What do we do

Learning and Development organises in-house training events and safeguards the quality of external training vendors and training content. In addition, it organises an annual staff conference and team building events.

Available to

GÉANT Association staff

How to take part

  • Apply by sending a request after Performance Development Review
  • Take part in Learning Needs Survey (3 times a year)

Decision-making on the direction of your professional development may not be an easy and straightforward task as there are so many things to consider and so many subjects to choose from.

To support the decision making as to what, how, when and why to learn – these are some points to consider:

  • Focus on the development of skills/capabilities/experiences that will be most impactful (at individual and team level) in terms of moving forward and achieving milestones/deliverables/desired outcomes.
  • Consider a range of skills:
  1. Technical – specific to your area of expertise
  2. Enterprise skills. These skills ensure sustainability of successful implementation of any project/task/undertaking.

It is a broad category representing a combination of competencies associated with planning, prioritisation, problem solving, creative and innovative thinking, time management, collaboration, communication, business/commercial awareness.

  • Consider the level of skills. Are you aiming at:
    • Acquiring new set of skills (foundation/introductory level)
    • Refresher (Mid-level)
    • Upskilling (progressing to an advanced level)
  • Consider what would be the best fit for your work commitments and most effective use of your time, i.e. a number of days attending a course and/or continuous improvement by making smaller steps.

Consult and discuss your suggestions/requirements with the Line Manager, colleagues, and, last but not the least – your friendly GLAD Team.

Any questions?

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GÉANT Staff Conference 2017

Updated on 28/09/2018