Conrad Ekisa

Conrad Ekisa

Conrad Ekisa is currently a Postgraduate Researcher and Associate Lecturer at the Institute of Technology, Carlow. The main focus of his research work is Industrial Control System cybersecurity deficiencies. Conrad holds a BSc (Hons) in Telecommunications Engineering from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda and he is passionate about leveraging solutions in the telecommunications space to support health and education service delivery as well as socioeconomic status improvement. Conrad previously worked with the Research and Development arm at the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) and netLabs!UG Research Centre in Makerere University. He also worked with the network operations centre teams at Airtel Uganda and Vodafone Uganda, and the network operations team at the Uganda Internet Exchange Point (UIXP). Conrad’s participation in Future Talent Programme (FTP21) was supported HEAnet, Ireland.

TNC21 conference

Conrad’s lightning talk topic was selected for TNC21, the largest and most prestigious Research & Education networking conference. Watch him speak at the TNC21 Lightning talks on Friday 25 June 2021 in minute 29:34.

Lightning Talk Topic

 A testbed to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap in industrial control systems

ICS cybersecurity is of increasing concern and this is evidenced by the mounting reports of cyber threats and attacks on ICS infrastructure that are referenced both within the technical community and the public media.