Going from strength to strength - ITIL Service Transition training and certification

Another round of ITIL training (Service Transition) took place in Cambridge on 02 to 04 October 2018.  Diverse group of 15 participants representing the GN4.2 service and research activities took time away from their busy work schedules to dive into intricacies of managing and coordinating the life cycle of changes to IT Services.  It was intense, it required high levels of concentration all through each training day but judging by occasional bursts of laughter it was fun too!

At the face-to-face training events learning is not limited by the content and subject matter; meeting like-minded people who face similar challenges is an opportunity to exchange “war stories” and work out new ingenious solutions.

GLAD is very happy to be instrumental in creating opportunities for professionals to learn in formal and informal way and strengthen networking connections for further knowledge development and exchange.


Training loves2eduroam!


GÉANT Project Training team is excited to share the love4eduroam. In the coming months, it will be running three eduroam training events:



While eduroam is quite well-known and widespread in Slovenia, it is now taking the next big step in
building eduraom-enabled WLANs and is working on connecting all primary and secondary schools. ARNES is playing a leading role in enabling this connectivy and is now investing time and effort in  extending their pool of professionals to support and champion these developments.

eduroam@ARNES is planned for 3-4 October 2018 and is hosted by ARNES.



To facilitate and speed up the eduroam uptake process, knowledge transfer is arranged between GÉANT Project experts and CyNet community with the help of the Expert Scheme of the GN4.2 Capabilities Building Programme. Two day programme will start with a theoretical part on eduroam technology and service overview and continue with the hands-on experience. Both days are aimed to empower participants with useful information and skills in eduroam implementation.

eduroam@CyNet is planned for 20-21 September 2018 and is hosted by CyNet.



There is an internation event on eduroam that is organised in collaboration with ASREN , the Arab State Research and Education Network to facilitate the eduroam uptake in the region. It will also be based on the two day programme covering theory and hands-on of eduroam.

eduroam@ASREN is planned for 7-8 November 2018 and is hosted by ASREN.


In all these instances, the eduroam expertise was provided by the GN4.2 Project’s teams on Trust & Identity, and Multi Domain Services, with particular contributions from CARNet/SRCE (Croatia) and AMRES (Serbia).

Get up to speed on Shibboleth OIDC extension


GÉANT Project training team in collaboation with it OIDC experts is excited to introduce a Shibboleth OIDC extension tutorial. The tutorial is aimed to share the knowledge on how OIDC extension is both installed and configured to existing SAML2 Shibboleth IdP deployment.

This training event is aimed at Shibboleth IdP administrators and Identity Federation Operator who work with Shibboleth and will cover the following topics:


* OIDC extension project developer resources and their installation

* trust Management, OP configuration and the process of configuring authentication

* attributes and credentials


Interested? Find out more and secure your spot here.

eduPERT workshop proves to be very popular with the TNC18 audience


As a follow up of the intense TNC18, SA3-T5 experts of GÉANT Project  offered a hands-on workshop on the basic and advanced knowledge and skills in the field of network performance management and monitoring:

  • The morning session focused on the  beginner/intermediate level participants highlighting
    • what perfSONAR can do today and why it is useful;
    • pS toolkit basics (how to set-up and use a system) along with typical/exemplary uses cases;
    • pScheduler basics – why and how bwctl was replaced, and troubleshooting examples (how to)
  • The afternoon session aimed at the intermediate/advanced/expert level discussing the topics of
    • what’s new, the evolution from meshconfig-agent to pSconfig and pScheduler
    • troubleshooting, security policies, Science DMZs and DTNs

The Pre-Installed VMs environment provided by SWITCH  allowed participants to practice the learning right on the spot. As a result, they learned to navigate a pS toolkit GUI and pScheduler. The example procedures were also introduced for performance monitoring and alerting with a common NMS like Nagios in combination with perfSONAR. Furthermore,  such as Science DMZs, DTNs and security practices were also  discussed as they often incorporate perfSONAR deployments.

GLAD team is very happy to have discovered this community knowledge gem. Feel free to get in touch with the experts should there be questions: gn4-2-sa3-t5@lists.geant.org.

Collecting GEMs gets a green light

GLAD was excited to host a TNC18 session discovering the ‘whys and hows’ behind a possible new training and learning and development service – GÉANT Expertise Marketplace (GEM). The purpose of the market place is to be a one-stop-shop for sharing and acquiring knowledge and expertise within the community and by the community, identifying competences, knowledge products and training session that can be made available or exchanged.


We were happy to welcome participants from a number of European NRENs such as SUNET, Belnet, GARR, SWITCH, ASNET-AM, CyNet together with the international guests from RNP – Brasil, SANReN and TEIN*CC.

The discussion uncovered that GEM has a future and provided us with some insights. To start with, we have realised that there are plenty of local practices of collecting GEMs that can be shared. Secondly, we also learned that it is important to start with capturing knowledge and expertise that we are good at and that we are proud of as a community. Thirdly, sharing of training calendars could also prove to be a useful solution so that there is an exchange of dates, events and trainers.

The meeting has also briefly touched upon the way GEM might look like. Should it be a heatmap? Should it be a meta search engine or database? Many options seems possible. GLAD will be opening a discussion on glad_community@lists.geant.org to continue with this line of work. We are also starting a #slack channel to make the discussion more instanteneous and dynamic.

Overall, we are pleased to have met so many like-minded learning and development champions. We look forward to staying in touch and doing some great work together.

Upwards & Onwards!


Get in touch if you have a question or would like to join the discussion:



Got an idea to share? GLAD’s new ZOOM facilities can help you speak up!


GÉANT GLAD has recently acquired ZOOM facilities and we are excited to offer our expert help in organising and producing webinars, Infoshares and eWorkshops. For that, we are seeking project participants, volunteers, pioneers, idea generators and innovators of the GEANT community to share their knowledge and ideas with the community and beyond. GLAD will assist with hosting, production and delivery of the sessions. What is required from you is to get in touch with GLAD and get motivated to communicate.


Interested?  Reach out to Ian Barker at ian.barker@geant.org and get the process going.

Stepping up from presenter to trainer

On 20 February 2018 Train-The-Trainer workshop provided a group of subject matter experts from PSNC an opportunity to “change hats” for a day and spend a day as trainers.  The participants reflected on the difference between presenter and a trainer, had a walkthrough building a training session block by block, and had first hand experience of some of the training tips and techniques.  Becoming a trainer is a commitment and does require the change of mind set, and still – it can be “engaging”, “interesting” and “enjoyable”.

If you face a challenge of becoming a trainer and can do with some help to get started get in touch with glad@geant.org to arrange a F2F workshop and check the self-study resource pack on eAcademy.

GLAD @TNC18: Collecting GEMs


We are pleased to share that GLAD is running a side meeting at TNC18 on June 10th, 2018. It will be dedicated to discussing and prototyping a possible new NREN service called GEM – GÉANT Expertise Marketplace. GEM is envisaged as a one-stop-shop to access the wealth of knowledge and expertise within the community as well as an opportunity to showcase the expertise of individual NRENs. It is there as a response to the community demand to collaborate, co-create and learn together and from each other.


It would be great if you could join the meeting to take part in designing and making GEM possible. Follow the link to find more details about GEM and our TNC18 meeting.


Join GLAD @TNC18!


All interested and willing are invited to join GLAD_Community mailing list!

GLAD_community@lists.geant.org is the mailing list initiated by GÉANT Learning and Development team (GLAD) to gather NREN professionals interested in collaborating and discussing issues around community’s learning and development. We hope this would be a first step in collaborating around growing the human capital of the community. We welcome everybody into our discussion and we hope to be gentle with the email traffic.

Subscribe by sending an email to Irina Mikhailava at irina.mikhailava@geant.org

OpenAIRE and Open Science Webinar, 2nd Feb 12:30CET

An introduction to Open Science:  Why it’s important.


Would like to know more about recent Open Science developments? This joint GEANT – OpenAIRE webinar will give you the basics of Open Science and will focus on:

–        the policy context in Europe

–        Current services offered to support Open Science (i.e. OpenAIRE services)

–        Some examples of how Research projects have benefitted from Open Science

–        Recommendations for how best to support Open Science at a National level and any Europe-wide resources available to NRENs and their Users.


This webinar is open to anyone who wants to know more about open science



Inge Van Nieuwerburgh, Ghent University Belgium, co-ordinator in scholarly communications at Ghent University library where she is mainly involved in open science, copyright and information literacy. She is a networking partner in OpenAIRE.

Registration is open at https://eventr.geant.org/events/2842



GÉANT NRENs are reminded to register participants for the 2018 Future Talent Programme initiatives: Lightning Talk Challenge and Poster Pursuit. Future Talent Programme is aimed at bringing young talent into the community. It helps NRENs to

  • Strengthen ties with the local community
  • Gain TNC and international visibility
  • Secure training solutions to attract young talent


Use this opportunity and let your future take the centre stage at TNC!


More information on Future Talent Programme is available here.

To register participants:


The Future Talent Programme is a part of GLAD GÉANT Project Training portfolio.  Get in touch if you have questions.



Rome edition of OIDC is a big success!


20 people from the European NREN community gathered at GARR in Rome to get up to date on the (new) the authorisation and authentication protocols Oauth2 respectively OpenID Connect. With a mix of people from identity federations and NREN services learning both the theoretical part of the protocols and a hands-on part, this edition was a success!


Find our more here about the GN4.2 Technical Knowledge Programme and other training activities

GLAD is in the news


GLAD gets the news spot in the recent issue of CONNECT magazine. Follow the link to get to learn what has been keeping us busy and what are the plans for the future. We are particularly proud of the coming events in Future Talent Programme and new eLearning products in eAcademy. Watch the space!

Future Talent Programme launches two initiatives for TNC18

Young talents are our future. This is why we need to inspire them on their educational journey. But most importantly, we shall let them inspire us!


With this in mind GÉANT Learning & Development team (GLAD) introduces two initiatives: Lightning Talk Challenge and Poster Pursuit. While Lightning Talk Challenge is a learning experience around presentation skills to prepare young professionals to get their ideas on stage of the TNC Lightning talk programme, Poster Pursuit sets an ambition to steer the development of visualising skills for TNC Poster presentation.

This is a great opportunity for NRENs to:

  • Bring their young professionals and projects to an international audience of innovation enablers. 
  • Gain valuable visibility amongst their member audience as well as in the global research and education networking community.

Therefore, NRENs are invited to nominate passionate IT students from their member audiences to take part and present their ideas at TNC18 in Trondheim, Norway. Up to 3 participants for each initiative can be nominated by each NREN. To secure nominations, NRENs are asked to register their participants at Lightning Talk Challenge EventR and Poster Pursuit EventR .

Registered participants will follow the regular TNC18 admission procedure. To increase the chance of gaining admission, GLAD will support all registered participants with free educational webinars.   

We invite all NRENs to take part in this exciting programme and nominate young talents from for these initiatives. Supportive promotional and marketing materials can be found on the wiki: Lightning Talk Challenge and Poster Pursuit

 For questions, get in touch with Nadia Sluer and Irina Mikhailava at future-talent@geant.org




OAUTH2 - OIDC Nov 2017

Security and Identity Management with OAUTH2 – OIDC Course is one of the most popular trainings wihtin GÉANT project and wider community. This year, the training will be run by Roland Hedberg and Ioannis Kakavas who have many years of experience with the topic. They are  – Acknowledged experts in SAML and associated systems. Implementers of Open ID Connect. Producers of tools to verify Open ID Connect implementations, Open Authorisation verification and other similar tools. Both trainers are experienced with information delivery and hands on practice. Delegates do most of the work on day two whilst Roland and Ioannis oversee to help.

This two day course will tell you all you need to know (and more) about the next generation identity management and authorization protocols and its constituent components (OAuth2/JW*/OIDC/UMA). Part of the course is a more practical look at relevant tools and libraries (in Python and/or Java).

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Know how OpenId Connect (OIDC) and OAuth2 -the open standard for Authorization- work and why.
  • Know the basics of the building blocks
  • JSON Web Encryption (JWE), JSON Web Signing (JWS) and JSON Web Tokens (JWT), collectively referred to as JW*
  • Also gain knowledge of User Managed Access (UMA)
  • Be able to work with the relevant OIDC tools/libraries for your own development (environment)


Ensure your spot by registering here.


Upcoming: School of Software Engineering looks into theory and practice of Code Management

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for School of Software Engineers (SSE). Formerly known as School for Developers, SSE is a training event for GÉANT project participants that this year will focus on Code Management.

During this three-days training participants will learn about how to efficiently manage code base developed in a team. In particular , the following areas will be covered:

  • GIT, the powerful distributed source code repository – a basic tool in daily work of almost every software engineer;
  • basic scenarios and advanced techniques allowing to implement complex code flows;
  • uncommon tips and tricks;
  • the GÉANT Bitbucket platform.

It is a hands-on event that will combining theory with practice to increase the take aways from the course.

In addition to learning, the event also creates an opportunity for GÉANT project software engineers to social and network. A guided walking tour around Munich is organised by our hosting partners, Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ). The event is organised as a collaboration of GÉANT Learning and Development, PSNC and SA2 Activity of GÉANT Project.  


Date: 24th to 26th October 2017.

Location: Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ), Munich, Germany.

Register: here


GÉANT Expert Scheme brings knowledge on eduroam to ASNET-AM


Connecting Armenian researchers and educators to eduroam is one of the key priorities for ASNET-AM. eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service that allows students, researchers and staff to seamlessly access internet connectivity when within range of a hotspot, whether they’re moving across campus or visiting other participating institutions.


To facilitate and speed up the eduroam uptake process, a knowledge transfer was arranged between GÉANT Project experts and ASNET-AM though Expert Scheme by Learning and Development team. In this instance, the expertise is provided by the GÉANT Project SA2: Trust and Identity, and Multi Domain Services and its CARNet/SRCE (Croatia) and AMRES (Serbia) contributors in particular.  


The overall purpose of the visit is to get eduroam is up and running in Armenia and to make sure that ASNET-AM feel confident and comfortable in providing and supporting the service to their community. In detail, the agenda is as follows:


Day 1/ 25 September 2017

Strategic engagement with the Armenian research and education sector to demonstrate the value and benefits of eduroam. This is made possible in collaboration with the organisers of the 11th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technologies, CSIT 2017 in Yerevan, Armenia.


Day 2/ 26 September 2017

Hand-on, customised eduroam operations with ASNET-AM staff covering the following topic areas:


IdP/SP RADIUS configuration:
     *     Basic configuration (radiusd.conf,clients.conf,proxy.conf)
     *     FreeRADIUS Modules
     *     EAP configuration (TLS server certificate)
     *     eduroam CAT

eduroam Identity Management System (User Database):
     *     Backend Database selection (LDAP, MySQL)

Debugging and understanding RADIUS logs:
     *     Using debug mode, understanding radius.log, F-ticks logging



There will also be an opportunity for Q&A and to provide feedback about eduroam and the eduroam service.

Learn more about Expert Scheme and other GÉANT project training

If you have questions, ask us here

Published on 17/08/2017