Welcome to GÉANT Learning and Development. We are here to facilitate continuous learning, discovery and knowledge sharing within the European community of networking professionals. 


The learning and development activities that we like to do are geared towards supporting career growth and professional development of European networking professionals. We design and deliver a variety of courses and programmes that focus on two competency areas:


  • technical competencies  courses and programmes that support development and acquisition of technical  knowledge and skill around GÉANT’s core competencies and services, in particular:
    • network
    • cyber security
    • trust and identity
    • cloud
    • real time communication


  • leadership and management competencies courses and programmes that drive development and acquisition of leadership and management knowledge and skills that, amongst many, include:
    • managing remote teams
    • strategic planing and sustainability
    • leadership skills
    • working with European Commission


Read more about the Learning and Development activities in these areas in Courses, Events and Programmes and e-Academy.


We are also open to collaboration with partner organisations, partner projects and industry through our Professional Services.


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