Ana Rita Carneiro

Ana Rita holds a Master’s Degree in Museology from the Faculty of Arts, University of Porto. When she started her PhD in Conservation and Restoration at Universidade Católica: School of Arts, she was faced with a vast problem related to the cataloguing and classification of digital collections. So, she started to focus her research area on AI applications in Heritage, joining computer science and the Humanities. An unexpected marriage that can develop multiplying effects both for computer science and for the safeguarding of our common Heritage.

Ana Rita’s participation in the Future Talent Programme (FTP22) was supported by FCCN, Portugal.

Lightning Talk Topic

AI for Heritage ─ SOS digital collections: classifying and characterizing

A presentation that focuses on finding solutions that use AI to catalogue and categorize archival collections. Firstly, the difficulties that archivists have in the transition to digital followed by the various problems when one tries to implement AI. Finally, the necessary steps to carry out a project in partnership with a heritage space and a potential workflow.