Alvise Baggio

Alvise Baggio is an honor graduated energy engineer from the Polytechnic University of Milan. He has worked as a researcher on intelligent energy systems at ABB’s laboratories and is currently engaged in researching and implementing innovative solutions for future’s electricity markets. He is a passionate engineer driven by a strong determination to develop himself through new and challenging experiences. Alvise’s interests focus on the dynamics and economy of future electricity markets, including their integration with innovative solutions to build efficient and resilient power markets in order to enhance our power supply’s reliability, and sustainability.

Supported by GARR,  Alvise participated in FTP20 with a 5-minutes Lightning Talk about FaaSt.

Stefano Fedeli, is an EIT Master’s student in Data Science. He is pursuing a double master’s degree in computer engineering across Europe focusing on distributed systems and data science. He is also a podcaster, a hackathon attendee, and he is very interested in reasoning applied to data streams.

Stefano was Alvise’s colleague and friend in developing the first implementation of FaaSt during an hackathon at University of Milano Bicocca.

FaaSt (Forecast as a Service) is a project created on occasion of the hackathon organized by GARR (Hack The Cloud) on November 2019 whose main theme was environmental sustainability. The idea behind Faast is to use cloud communication infrastructure to improve the electric grid and provide end-users with real-time information on the sources of energy used in the grid and to opt for the renewable options.
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