• We believe that technical innovations are powered by curiosity and collaboration. Through our activities we nurture minds and foster working together.

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  • Our approach is to design and deliver learning infrastructure that helps you solve professional problems and satisfy curiosities.

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  • We deliver learning services that develop technical skills and professional competencies

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Future Talent Programme 2022

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Through our work, we aim to build NREN capabilities, foster knowledge sharing and create inspiration so that together we envisage and build the research and education network of the future.


We are the GÉANT Learning and Development team and we run a diverse portfolio of learning services for the European NREN community.


Our approach is to design and deliver a combination of F2F and Blended Learning events together with eLearning solutions and other resources for independent and instructor-led learning.

“My organisation can how have a clearer list of priorities about authentication services to enable.”

“It provided lots of food for thought about what we are not doing or could be doing better in our organisation.”

“It is important to educate the techies. There is a huge amount of knowledge here, but we need to find way to combine technical wisdom with communication abilities.”


As part of the GÉANT 2020 Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA), the project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 856726 (GN4-3).​​​